Saturday, June 6, 2009

Icon Development

icon development has been new for me too. i used my diagrams to help me with the icon, once i determined the shape with positive and negative space i decided to add color to indicate diversity, the small circles represent progression.

Spatial Diagrams

these diagrams, helped me to determine where i wanted my entrance to be and how the facility circulation would flow. it has been one of the first times that i have worked on diagramming, but i feel that it has been extremely beneficial to me and my design process.

Refinement + Concept

after research of different systems i decided that plants, eco systems, and biomes, would guide me to the right concept. i feel that natural systems are the designers we must recognize what nature has already designed, and use it to our advantage.

Initial Diagrams

initial diagrams to get me started on organization and layout of the mass transit design that i am working on for my thesis.